Here are some of the major products we supply.

  • Double Glazing
    The best solution for energy efficiency.

  • Windows
    A great range of Aluminium frames with a colour and finish for every situation.

  • Doors
    French doors, sliding doors, modern and traditional, all designed to enhance your home or business.

  • Shower Screens
    Come into our showroom to see a selection of shower screens or have a look at the some of the options available from our suppliers.

  • Security Doors
    From our standard aluminium security doors to the added safety of Amplimesh, everything you need to make your home or business secure.

  • Kitchen Cabinets
    We design and build a large range of kitchen cabinets for your new home or for your kitchen makeover.

Click on the images below to go to our product suppliers websites to find more information.


modern form doors


seves glass blocks